A Message from our Co-Founder

Caitlin Midkiff, VP of Clinical Services

Founding Active Infusions has been a highly personal endeavor. Our vision was born in a cold, uncomfortable hospital infusion chair. In 2020 I was prescribed weekly infusion treatments for my chronic blood disorder. I was suddenly faced with the challenge of balancing weekly infusions with a rigorous work schedule, and, most importantly, my four children. My only option was a cold impersonal hospital center with treatment hours limited from 9 to 5. As many know, the infusion process gives you a lot of time to think, and in my case dream. I dreamed of a warm relaxing atmosphere, one where care and comfort were the norm. A center filled with visions of health, instead of sickness. A place where the providers knew me as Caitlyn, not just another patient. One day while dreaming, well lamenting, out loud to Leyla it clicked. We could do this. We could become the center I dreamed of. Active Infusions is truly our wildest dreams come true.

Who We are

Active Infusions is a multi-specialty infusion center that offers clinical treatment for a wide range of conditions. With a wide range of treatment options available, we understand it can be difficult to decide which treatment approach and provider is the best fit for you. Active Infusions has the expertise, facilities, providers, and state-of-the-art equipment that you are looking for in Virginia and Maryland. Look no further than Active Infusions.

Experience you can Trust

With years of specialized experience in providing inpatient care and clinically supervised outpatient infusion therapies you can trust the expertise at Active Infusions.

Our Core Value

We know firsthand that patients with chronic illness often feel dismissed, undervalued, and ultimately left out of their care decisions. At Active Infusions YOU are our priority. It is not enough just state this; our patients should feel it every step of the way. This value became our corner stone when founding our center. Every decision, even the seemingly small, is driven by our passion to provide empathetic, individualized, and convenient care from start to finish.

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